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Old Vail Middle School8

Vail, AZ | Pima County


January 17, 2014

Old Vail Middle School. The Vail school district is more concerned about their super star status that the kids that really need the help slip through the cracks. Their focus is on test scores ONLY because those are what they review for their ratings. Kids learn at different rates but the Vail School district teaches the same fast pace. If your child picks up things instantly, doesn't need to study or any kind of help, GREAT you're in luck! But for the other 75% of the kids who need a lot of help, don't get it. Better not fall below the standards on those stupid standardized tests either, or they will rip your kid out of their class and be put in a "special" class where they will STILL not get it. They need more tutoring, after school, small groups and not pressure the kids so much on those standardized tests. They are stressed out and too much emphasis is put on those standardized testing.

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May 30, 2012

We are DONE with this school and not returning. The 6th graders are treated like herds of animals, stuck in relocatable buildings in the back of the real school. In the desert with a space dug out just enough to place the buildings. A mud pit during monsoon and watch out if you are little, you will get tossed into the mud pits. 6th graders are not treated as part of the middle school. I agree wtih other comments about the terrible 6th grade math teacher that has her own mental issues. The Curriculum is slow and easy YET you are not allowed to work on "homework" during class so much of the day is wasted. The kids are pressured to worry about test scores for all the wrong reasons and there is no inspiration or field trips or fun. The principal doesn't get back to you. The lunches aer horrid and run out frequently if you choose to eat it. Enroll elsewhere.

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March 11, 2012

We left this school as I won't allow my 2nd child to attend. First of all, the principal did not ever get back to us regarding the curriculum. The teachers are very mixed from good to horrible. The horrible takes over the entire learning environment. One particular teacher blames the kids for bringing out her mental issues. One teacher chooses to speak of his religion and bonding with the kids that fit into his beliefs. They don't allow kids to be kids but instead make it like a prison for outdoor activities and lunch time. They also do not make sure the the child ran activities are done so fairly. Don't expect to get any math learning if you are not advanced (I can't speak for that program) however I do know ELP (their advanced learning class) is busy work, nothing more. They definitely teach to the test and the curriculum is easy, in fact lame. You can't work on homework in class but you can sit and talk about video games and other nonsense for hours. Too bad...

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March 1, 2012

Poor ,office manager INCREDIBLY RUDE! Principals assistant very rude and harsh for punishment also most teachers have little to no patients and yet complain about grades.My grandson is very smart yet is having s hard time..and with a staff like this ,I can see why!

September 1, 2011

Great School in a Great School District. We have been very happy with the quality of teachers and the education our children receive here

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February 9, 2011

My children have attended OVMS for over two years now. In that time we have had some outstanding teachers who are very dedicated and capable. These teachers had the student's attention and respect due to the fact that the children were engaged and challenged. Unfortunately we have had some teachers who should not have been in the classroom. These teachers way too lenient in what was expected of students or were unable to explain some material in the detail students needed. If students are saying the class is too easy or had to go to other teachers to have things explained you know something needs to change in those classrooms. When you have a class that is all As maybe its time to review your standards. Overall it just seems the standards are not what they should be. Kids come in from out of state and they breeze along not feeling challenged due to the fact they are ahead of the rest of class.

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November 13, 2010

If you read the reviews, it is odd that the studets hate it, but the parents love it. I think the schools standards are too low. My daughter was a solid C/D student in another state. She is honor roll here. Its not that they teach her any better, they just dont expect the kids to actually learn. The staff is nice, the teachers are pleasant. The students are right, they do need lockers. Middle school should prepare the kids for high school. No lockers, sixth graders only have two classes. Out door hallways and the classrooms are trailers..in Arizona? We are military and have experienced schools in several states. This place is a huge letdown and it makes me very worried about our country's future.

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July 18, 2010

Excellant school. The teachers are amazing, compassinate, caring, and so helpful. This will be my older sons 2nd year at OVMS. My youngest son will start 6th grade this year at OVMS. Looking forward in seeing what their 6th grade program has to offer.

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September 25, 2009

This is an A school my daughter has excelled here

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August 12, 2009

I love my school and I came here as a new student last year, first day of the second quarter, and they made me feel welcome. I was happy and I made the year with straight A's.

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June 21, 2009

I Have been going to old vail for two years now. It is very amazing. It Has good teachers and very high standrds. They are very respectful and helpful. Most of all they try hard to help you succed in everything you do. The Have great sports and make sure that you have the good enough grades to be on them. Overall I Love OVMS.

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June 6, 2009

I go to OVMS. I don't like the choice of sports at our school. Math is way to easy and because they don't have room in Advanced math I and a lot of others are in the easy class. I don't feel like I have learned anything In S.S. I don't like ZAP. I don't like the idea of an out door hallways. I also think we need lockers. We are stuck carrying around very big backpacks to school because of all the stuff the teachers make you carry. Overall I dislike very very very much this school.

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April 25, 2009

Both my children attend this middle school and have done exceptionally well thanks to the devoted teachers and school policies that refuse to accept average work. Kids here are accountable for their work quality and assignment due dates. They are constantly challenged and because of this my kids have excelled with almost straight A's each quarter. I would like to see a better quality sports and extra curricular program though. Vail schools overall rock!

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April 16, 2009

I think this school has very low standards. I am a seventh grader in the Algebra class and I think that TOO MANY people are there, much too easy to get into. The sports programs are GREAT. And perhaps I'm basing my bad rating because of my bias towards all Arizona schools. I HATE Arizona, I really haven't learned anything in any other classes but Science and Algebra. if possible, avoid moving to Arizona if you have kids.

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June 8, 2008

We moved from Washington state about 8 yrs. ago. We let our children go to school at OVMS because we had a relative tell us about it. Our kids are extremely proud of thier school, and actually like going to school now, they have great extracurricular activities. The teachers really invole the students in the learning. The school also frequently sends out PTA flyers. So the parents can really be involved. The School is really safe too, no questions asked

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