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Canyon View Elementary School9

Tucson, AZ | Pima County


April 24, 2014

My child is in the gifted program at Canyon View and we are regularly asked "why not send her to Basis?" Well, our primary reason is that she LOVES this school. Additionally, we feel she is challenged and kept on her toes by all her teachers. The staff and teachers work together to make this a top rated elementary school!

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April 23, 2014

This school is not that great anymore. Very nice staff and teachers but not challenging at all. My child is board and has become very lazy since the expectations are so low. 10 minutes of homework in 4th grade (at the most). It has gotten progressively worse over the years that we have been there with our children. This is the worst year yet. The new principal is a great talker, very charismatic but we don't see any improvement in the classroom. Lots of hype around the community events but less meaningful work in the 8 years we have had children at the school. I don't recommend this school especially if you are from a decent school district elsewhere. you will be underwhelmed.

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April 21, 2014

Canyon View is an okay school. Not a lot of diversity and some of the teachers can be off putting. It is a must that you stay involved and connected to your child at this school as they can derail them is allowed to.

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October 24, 2013

This school and school district (Catalina Foothills Unified School District) has been am is nothing short of a blessing. Principal Hienkman is the most amazing administrator and man and the entire school staff and teachers are so wonderful! My son is in the first grade and is on the autism spectrum. His growth and development in the inclusive setting at Canyon View has been wonderful and miraculous. Also, the international diversity of the families and students is so wonderful and enriching. I can't thank this school enough and couldn't be more proud of the fact that my son attends CVES!

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August 7, 2013

We were very happy with my son's kindergarten teacher last year and are excited for another great year.

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June 7, 2013

Great school! Friendly, kind people who care about all of the students. Common core standards are being taught. There is a challenging curriculum that keeps students at all levels moving forward at a just right pace. They are allowed to move to higher faster paced classes and also get interventions as needed. Music, PE, Art and Spanish are treated as seriously as math, reading, science and social studies which makes a well rounded kid! There is great community involvement and the FFO and staff plan fun extracurricular events. The focus is on educating the whole child, not just obtaining a test score. I have three kids here and feel lucky to be giving them such a great, well rounded education.

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April 13, 2013

I have had two children graduate from Canyon View and one currently is enrolled. Canyon View prepared my children very well for middle school. My son ended up being 2 1/2 grade levels ahead in math by the time he finished Canyon View and qualified for an extended Curriculum in Social Studies and Spanish at the middle school level. My daughter is now excelling in the local high school in a rigorous college prep track. We were initially enrolled in private school for 4 years and felt that the education was better (yes, better) in public school especially in math, science and technology. We are very happy and love to give back to this school by volunteering as our way of saying, "Thank You".

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April 12, 2013

Canyon View Elementary. We had plenty of good options when looking where to send our oldest daughter to school when it was time for her to start Kindergarten. We chose Canyon View based on its reputation and feel. We have a second grader and kindergartener, and I am so happy to say that we have not questioned our decision once. The staff at Canyon View is incredible - from the secretary, to the teachers, to the Principal. A+ school!

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March 13, 2013

Every child experiences a rewarding outcome at Canyon View. Located in the foothills of the Catalinas and in a safe neighborhood, Canyon View has a great learning environment. Even if you are not considering this school for your child, I would encourage you to talk to Mr. Henikman, the principal, and you'd get an idea on how a school's success depends on its leadership. You can spot him immediately almost every morning, greeting the kids by their names. Barring my child's teacher this year, which is an aberration (the reason I gave 4 stars for teacher quality), Canyon View is full of friendly, highly experienced, and encouraging teachers. The extended math program is top notch. The extended language arts is far ahead compared to other schools including the one touted as top in nation. Spanish, Music & Art would exceed your expectations. Parental involvement is highly encouraged. In my opinion the staff is one of the most friendliest you'd ever come across. I'm already looking forward for another great and exciting year. Overall, we are very happy with this school in particular and the district in general.

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March 6, 2013

I have been a parent at Canyon View Elementary School for several years and my children have received an excellent education, particularly in math, science, technology and the arts. It's clear how the school is centered around students from the very beginning. In Kindergarten, the teaching team kept my sons engaged using everything from iPads and creative play. In First Grade, the teachers identified that my sons needed some extra help, which they received through Imagine Learning and Read Strong. By Second Grade, a teacher really believed in my son's abilities and she promoted him to an extended math program. His math skills exploded! My other son loved poetry, so his teacher asked him to write her a poem every week , eventually entering him into the district poetry contest. By Fifth grade, the kids are doing everything from running the school video announcements to performing in the outstanding 5th grade band. Mr. Henikman, the principal, is a dynamic leader who makes sure the school's focus stays on the kids. My sons think he's just great; they love how he greets them by name every morning.

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April 14, 2010

As a pediatrician, I choose Canyon View Elementary for my kids! Outstanding experience for kids! Engaged and committed staff that teach to each child's level. Extended math and reading opportunities allow for kids to develop socially with kids their own age while learning at an advanced pace. We entertained Ventana Vista Elementary, but opted to keep our daughter at Canyon View considering how happy she is learning and growing in this ideal nurturing environment.

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October 29, 2009

The teachers at Canyon View are experienced, dedicated and involved. Well-rounded curriculum, student exposure to experiences beyond the regular classroom and an involved community make this a wonderful school.

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April 5, 2009

Wonderful principal, experienced caring teachers, involved families. My children love their teachers, the science assemblies they have every month, community garden, science club.

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September 2, 2008

Excellent teachers, nice campus

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May 13, 2008

a) Marta Gunderson is an excellent principal. This is her first year in the school and she seems to know many if not most of the kids by name. Teachers seem to really like her. I often see her talking to the students and many students come up to her with hugs and seem to feel very comfortable in her presence. Science and math curriculum are being revised and those subjects will be emphasized next year.

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