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Monday, May 10, 2021   /   by Adam Donaldson-Moxley

Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms are Pandemic Must-Haves

Article originally posted on zillow.com on March 11th, 2021
Collectively, Americans spent a lot more time at home last year cooking, eating, and, well, taking care of post-meal business. Perhaps not coincidentally, features related to high-end kitchens and luxurious bathrooms frequently appeared in the online listing descriptions of homes that ended up selling for more money than otherwise expected.
To determine the price premium associated with certain features, Zillow analyzed closed home sales in the United States in 2019 and 2020 where we could match the sale to the listing description and the home’s Zestimate in the month before listing. Six out of the top 10 features mentioned in listings that sold for more than expected in 2020 are kitchen-related, two are related to bathrooms and one — “modern farmhouse” — could reasonably apply to both (assuming “modern” does not imply an outhouse situation). 
At the other ek ...

Wednesday, May 5, 2021   /   by Adam Donaldson-Moxley

Tucson, Phoenix rank among Top 25 hottest rental markets in U.S.

Article originally posted on azbigmedia.com on May 5th, 2021
Following one of the most disruptive periods of our times, at the start of 2021, the hottest U.S. rental markets and most in demand locations for renters were certainly not the ones you would expect.
“The largest markets and surrounding exurbs show renters are distinctly looking to get more square footage or more amenities for the same price, within these hubs and close to them. Residents from large gateway markets are “trading up”, and with work-from-home policies, exurb locations close to these areas are also benefitting from this behavior.” says Doug Ressler, manager of business intelligence at Yardi Matrix.
Phoenix, AZ, also made it to the hottest rental markets ranking, with a competitive score of 39.5. The Arizona job hub’s rapid growth has attracted an increasing number of renters from surrounding states over the past few years. Most recently, the market&rsk ...

Tuesday, May 4, 2021   /   by Adam Donaldson-Moxley

Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Add Nearly $36,000 to the Price of a New Home

Article originally posted on nahbnow.com on April 28th, 2021
Soaring lumber prices that have tripled over the past 12 months has caused the price of an average new single-family home to increase by $35,872, according to new analysis by the NAHB Economics team. This lumber price hike has also added nearly $13,000 to the market value of an average new multifamily home, which translates into households paying $119 a month more to rent a new apartment.

These unprecedented lumber price hikes are attributable to the following factors:
Many mills reduced production last spring due to stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures enacted by state and local governments at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

When it became clear in the ensuing months that housing weathered the storm much better than predicted and demand remained strong, lumber mills did not ramp up production accordingly. 

And more

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021   /   by Adam Donaldson-Moxley

Tips for Buying a New Construction Home

Article/Content provided by money.com on March 31th, 2021

Tips for Buying a New Construction Home
Many things have changed since the pandemic started. The way we shop, see friends and family, and work have all been impacted. However, ensuring that we remain optimistic and continue with our life goals and ambitions is the best way to continue with our lives.
One life objective that many people are still working towards is owning a home. And this year looks promising. Through February, housing starts were 6.4% higher year-over-year, and new construction homes made up 14% of all single-family sales.
But know that buying a brand new home is anything but straightforward. From home financing to home warranties, here are key questions to get started.
What to choose: a spec home or a custom home?
A custom home affords you the most creative control over the design of your new home. In fact, you can work with an architect to have your s. ...

Monday, March 1, 2021   /   by Adam Donaldson-Moxley

Move.org Ranks Tucson Among Top U.S. Cities for Lowest Cost of Living

Article originally posted on biztucson.com on January 20th, 2021
Between the turbulent economy and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say that just about everyone’s life has changed in 2020. For many people, this upheaval is financial, and so some are looking for more affordable places to live. If this is your situation, then we can help you find a new city where you can make rent more easily.
Tucson ranks #4 in the country for the lowest living cost. Mesa also comes in at number #8.

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